Magnetics by Norma

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We sell magnetic jewelry that helps to reduce pain.
In addition we also sell supplies for the home hobby people that would like to make their own magnetic jewelry.
We have directions on stringing and fastening the complete assembly of magnetic jewelry on the supplies page.
For those who would like to get started in business selling magnetic jewelry we will have a business opportunity page describing several different avenues of business opportunities.
Click on the "Supplies" link to see pictures and prices of items needed to make your own bracelets, anklets & necklaces.

We offer to our valuable customers full color dog tags with a picture on one side and text on the opposite side. The links show football & baseball tags but you can have anything you like on the tags. ie; Grandchildren, Pets, Wedding Photos, etc.
New shapes of tags are coming soon. Round, Oval, Star, Paw, Square, Ribbon, and more. Check back often as new shapes arrive.

Name Rings. Our name rings are 316 stainless steel and will never rust. We stamped the name into the surface of the ring and blacken the impression.
The impression will never wear off the ring. The black coloring in the lettering will fade or disappear due to detergents and chemicals.
No Problem..... Simply go over the impressions with a magic marker and rub the excess off with a soft cloth. Your ring is just as when it was stamped for you. Click Here

If you have any questions please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Below are pictures of the twelve styles of Bracelets, Anklets & Necklaces that we offer.



Style 1
Rice & Round
All Black
Style 2
Rice & Round
Black Rice & Rainbow Round
Style 3
Rice & Round
Black Rice, Black Round & 4th Rainbow Round
Style 4
Twist & Round
All Black
Style 5
Twist & Round
Black Twist & Rainbow Round
Style 6
Twist & Round
Black Twist, Black Round & 4th Rainbow Round

Style 7
Narrow Twist & Round
All Black

Style 8
Narrow Twist &
Rainbow Round
Style 9
Narrow Twist & Round
Black Twist, Black Round & 4th Rainbow Round
Style 10
Narrow Twist & Small Round
All Black
Style 11
Faceted & Round
All Black
Style 12
Faceted & Small Round
All Black

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